Beavers are the youngest section in the Scout Movement, but this doesn’t stop them having and good time and enjoying all the Scouting has to offer. Beavers can be introduced to outdoor activities and have the chance to be creative, explore their community and take part in residential trips. Beaver Scouts make a promise and learn how important it is to be responsible for themselves and others. Their programme should be great fun and inspire enthusiasm.

The traditions of the Beaver section are based on the behaviour of beavers in the animal kingdom. Beavers sections are called Colonies, because that’s what groups of beavers in the wild are called. Their subsections are called lodges and that’s the name of the beaver’s home. Beaver Scout Leaders are often named after a theme, with woodland animals being very popular. In some Colonies, Beavers are asked to pick the name for a new leader themselves. Most colonies give their leaders names and it’s rare for leaders to use their “real” names.

Fun Challenge and Adventure

Beavers enjoy doing things together, taking part in activities and being in the outdoors. That’s why activities like the Beaver Challenge and the.. are key parts of their programme.

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