Your district executive is made up of the following members:

District Chairman: Ian Taylor – chairperson@sheffielddonscouts.org.uk
District Scout Commissioner: Steve Clayton – dc1@sheffielddonscouts.org.uk
District Scout Commissioner (Programme): Janette Mellor – dc2@sheffielddonscouts.org.uk
District Treasurer: Jim Carroll – treasuer@sheffielddonscouts.org.uk
District Secretary: Sylvia Lyne – secretary@sheffielddonscouts.org.uk
District Explorer Scout Commissioner: Edwin Buttimer
District Network Commissioner: Vacant

Nominated Member: Sylvia West
Nominated Member: Matt Hardman
Nominated Member: Andy Papka
Nominated Member: Rob Kirk

Elected Representative: Gordon Hindley
Elected Representative: Janet Raynor
Elected Representative: Peter Blakemore
Elected Repersentative: Vacant


The district executive, welcome nominations for district representatives; nominations should be directed to the  District Secretary. All nomination of new members to the district executive are vote on at the District AGM.

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